Mammoth WVH frontman and also the son of legendary Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, was recently interviewed by Matt Mills of The Telegraph last week and shared how was it to be growing as the son of such a legendary musician.

As you may already follow his career, a year after Eddie passed away from this world due to his long-time battle with throat cancer, Wolfgang founded his own band named Mammoth WVH last year and announced their self-titled debut album. While the band released six singles from the recording, the whole album will be released on June 11, 2021.

In his latest interview with Telegraph, Wolf talked about growing up in the spotlight, Eddie always being a secondary parent to him, and his mother’s role in giving him a grounded childhood. Wolf stated that as well as being an excellent father he’s, Eddie had a lot of demons inside and that’s the reason why his parents split.

Here is what Wolf said about the upcoming album:

“It was never an intentional thing; I just wanted to see if I could do it. Maybe subconsciously I feel I have to prove myself. People who really hate me have said I wasn’t even playing bass in Van Halen.

They like to make up that we were piping the bass sound in and I was just miming along, which is so funny to me. Over the years, I’ve taken that as the biggest compliment. That means it’s good enough that they didn’t believe I was actually doing it! But, I’m playing everything here, so they can’t really argue with that.”

And here is what he said about Eddie:

“I think I was forced to mature way earlier than people are normally asked to. As wonderful a father as he was, he had a lot of demons. They would come out every now and then. It’s why my parents split.”

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