The founder of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen, recently posted a couple of messages on his Twitter account and responded to some users who criticized him for starting to use Twitter only after Eddie’s passing and beingtoo thin skinned.’

As you know, Wolf has been making it to the headlines of rock news quite often for the past months, especially after the release of his debut song ‘Distance’ which he wrote as a tribute to his father. The song achieved mainstream success and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, surpassing even AC/DC’s new album.

However, his increasing fame also brought him increasing hate, which he often tolerates if it’s directed at him, but always reacts if it involves his father. Recently, a Twitter user told Wolf off for being so outspoken on his Twitter account and letting Twitter be his ‘driving epitaph.’ The user went on to say that he sees Wolf’s tweets every time he’s on Twitter which is something that he rarely saw when Eddie was alive.

To this, Wolf responded by saying that they could just unfollow him instead of complaining about his tweets, and stressed that he’s just actively using the app and that he’ll continue to do so no matter how much they bug him. Following that, another user said that Wolf shouldn’t be on Twitter because he’s ‘too thin skinned‘ to which Wolf responded by saying that Twitter is for everyone and that he’ll not stop tweeting just because they want him to.

Here’s what a user said:

“Wolf, it’s time to stop letting Twitter be your driving epitaph! I see you on here every time I turn around, but before your pop died never saw you this much, if ever!”

To which Wolf responded:

“Yo, it’s so much easier to unfollow me than complain like this, so kindly fuck off if you feel this way, Twitter homies. I’m literally just using the app and will continue to do so ya cranky fuckers.”

Another fan replied:

“I am not sure Twitter is for you, too thin skinned.”

To which Wolf responded:

“Twitter is literally for everyone you grape.”

You can check out the tweets below.