The son of Eddie Van Halen and the frontman of Mammoth WVH, Wolf Van Halen has made a sarcastic announcement that he’ll begin his new career as an opera singer after he got reactions about the joke video where he’s annoying his mom.

The successful bassist and vocalist, Wolfgang Van Halen, has most recently accepted a challenge to hit that high note on the famous Boston song, ‘More Than a Feeling.’ He grabbed the tiny microphone that his girlfriend gave him so he could talk to his cats, and sang to his mother, Valerie Bertinelli.

Though he has fully intended to amuse his fans and his mother with his performance, one of Wolf’s followers took the thing seriously and criticized his vocal show. The follower said that Wolfgang will never be Pavarotti no matter how he tries to hit the F5.

Wolf Van Halen has responded to the Twitter user, questioning if the follower really is mad at him because he’s not a legendary opera singer in his joke video. He continued to his response with a couple of more tweets, joking about starting a new career as an opera singer.

As a caution against the people who may think that he is serious in this tweet as well, Wolfgang indicated that it’s sarcasm and nothing more. The majority of his fans have supported him by complaining about the fact that his sarcasm gets him into trouble most of the time.

Here’s what the follower of Wolfgang said in his tweet to criticize Wolf’s joke performance:

Pavarotti could hit an F5! So please if you can hit the F5 and after you do sit down cause you’ll never be Pavarotti or Brad Delp. LOL. Fuck you can’t even be DLR! Intangible. Still not getting it.”

Wolf has responded as:

“Wait are you mad at me because I’m not a fucking legendary opera singer in my joke video where I’m annoying my mom? Do you yell at street performers?”

Wolfgang later continued with another tweet, sarcastically talking about his new career:

“So anyway I’d like to announce my new career as an opera singer.”

He also said that:

“Before random people go posting this around as real, this is sarcasm.”

You can see the tweets below.