In November 2020, Wolf Van Halen had revealed on Howard Stern Show that they had plans to reunite with Van Halen before his father Eddie Van Halen passed away. Some opportunists produced t-shirts for the tour that never happened, and WVH reacted to them from his Twitter account.

Van Halen unofficially disbanded around 2019, but bassist Wolf Van Halen convinced his father to do a reunion tour where they would perform with the two iconic singers Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth at the same time.

He hyped the idea up to Eddie Van Halen by stating that it would be a big deal, very exciting, and called it the ‘Kitchen-Sink Tour.’ Eddie was warming up to the idea to a point where he eventually agreed, but the tour never happened.

In an interview with Howard Stern in November 2020, WVH stressed the fact that the tour was only a hypothetical plan, and even though it was exciting for the band, it never happened.

However, some opportunists produced t-shirts to sell online concerning the tour that never happened. This was brought up to WVH’s attention recently by Jeremy White, and the musician had to state once again that it never happened.

When a fan asked if this was true, WVH stated that it was ‘painfully fake’ and bashed the design of the t-shirt by pointing out that it looks very poor quality. He continued to reveal that his band Mammoth WVH was not even made public in 2019, and therefore, it’s obvious that this t-shirt was fake.

Jeremy White brought it to his attention by tweeting:

“Well, this is interesting and cool! Supposedly, this is a shirt of the ‘Kitchen Sink Tour’ that never was. I was told that only a few venues had approval to print some shirts & this would have been in Chicago at Wrigley Field on 07/04/2019.”

WVH replied:

Painfully fake. Said this a year ago when somebody made this the day after my Howard Stern interview when the Kitchen Sink Tour was first talked about.”

He continued:

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, because that shirt is complete horseshit. Whoever made that is a weird f*cking person. Just why?

It even looks stupid. Just such a poorly designed shirt. Also, we didn’t even have a final official design for the Mammoth logo at that time, so yeah.

What an incredible coincidence that this picture surfaced right after my Howard Stern interview a year ago where I talked about the Kitchen Sink Tour for the first time.”

You can see the tweets and watch WVH talk about the Kitchen Sink Tour in 2020 below.