Wolfgang Van Halen replied to one of his fans’ questions on Twitter and revealed if he will make Van Halen covers or not.

As you might recall, Wolfgang founded his own band in 2021, Mammoth WVH, and he released all original songs for the self-titled album. Prior to their first tour, he also announced that they won’t be playing a cover song from Van Halen in the shows.

One of his followers also asked if he ever tried to cover a song in the studio and how the vocals were affected by it, and Wolfgang revealed that it doesn’t matter which singer he would cover if he wants to do it.

However, Wolfgang mentioned that he doesn’t want to play or record covers at all. Nevertheless, he said that if he ever going to make a cover song, it will be definitely from Van Halen.

One of the fans asked:

“I gotta know, even though Van Halen the band is over and the legacy lives forever, Wolf Van Halen if you ever covered one song of the band, either live or in studio, from a vocals perspective who do you feel your voice suits more… DLR, Sam, even Cherone? What say you sir?”

Wolfgang Van Halen replied:

“I don’t think it matters which singer. I would try to make the cover my own if I ever were to do one.”

You can check out the post below.