Mammoth WVH frontman and bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, has responded to one of his fans’ tweets today and cleared the air about the time when Michael Anthony’s photos were removed from the older albums of Van Halen and the band’s reaction to it.

Back in 2007, Van Halen parted ways with Michael Anthony and announced a reunion tour with David Lee Roth. These days, the official website of Van Halen has brushed his photo from ‘Women And Children First’ and has replaced Michael Anthony’s picture with Wolf Van Halen who has born after thirteen years the album was released.

After Michael himself claimed that he got the news from the internet and wasn’t informed face-to-face, the website changed the album covers with the original ones immediately. However, after thirteen years, some Van Halen fans still think that was one of the most disgraceful things in Van Halen’s history and asking the true story behind it.

Today, a Van Halen fan posted a recent tweet mentioning Wolf and asked why the website has tried to remove Michael from the story of the band. Wolf claimed that it was not the band’s decision and some guy on the website was responsible for the incident.

Here is the criticism of Wolf’s follower:

“As a fan of decades, I think you replacing Mike was not the issue, it’s How it was done. The attempt to remove Mike from VH history, including replacing him with you on albums that pre-dated your birth by decades, created a bad will.”

To which Wolf Van Halen responded:

“Yeah, and that was some dumbass on the website that did that dumb photoshop shit. Not a band decision. We were never cool with that. It was ridiculous which is why when we found out about it, it was undone immediately.”

You can check out these tweets below.