Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account with which he revealed that he has been getting numerous annoying and disrespectful letters while saying that it is a breach of privacy at the worst possible time.

As you know, Wolf’s father, the legendary guitarist, and co-founder of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, passed away on October 6, 2020, after battling cancer for over five years. While his death was mourned by his fans and everyone in the rock scene, it was even harder for his family and friends.

Wolf has been quite vocal about his process of coping with his father’s loss, and in previous interviews, he had said that he wrote this ‘Distance‘ while Eddie was still battling cancer as a means of coping with his father’s sickness and deteriorating state of health. He released ‘Distance’ on November 16, 2020, as a tribute to his father and it became a huge hit and even ranked Number 1 -higher than AC/DC’s new tracks- on the Billboard charts.

However, this obviously didn’t lessen Wolf’s pain as he lost his father, friend, and bandmate. This was apparently not obvious to some who attacked him on social media for ‘leeching off of his father’s name‘ and went as far as to accuse Eddie’s ex-wife and Wolf’s mother for ‘making his death all about her.’ Nonetheless, it seems like verbal attacks on social media were not the only thing that Wolf had to cope with.

In his recent tweet, Wolf revealed that people have been mailing him (paper mail) and telling Wolf how much they loved Eddie. In addition to that, they have been asking Wolf to send them an autograph and a pick so that they can always remember him. Wolf said that some of the letters are sent to his house and that all this is ‘an unbelievable breach of privacy’ at the worst possible time.

Following that, he asked Eddie’s “fans” to stop doing that because he can’t take it anymore and that he genuinely thinks that all this is ‘f*cked up.’ His tweet received hundreds of supportive messages expressing their genuine love for both Wolf and Eddie not only as artists but as humans.

Here’s what Wolfgang said in his recent tweet:

“Kinda fucked up how many ‘I’m sorry your dad died, please send me an autograph and a pick‘ letters I’ve gotten over the last 3 months. Some even coming directly to my home.

What an unbelievable breach of privacy, and wow what horrible timing. Please don’t do this.”

Here’s what a supportive follower responded to this tweet:

“One of the worst parts is that every one of them would consider themselves ‘big fans,’ yet they have no clue about boundaries or actual respect for the artist as a human being. Gives the rest of us supporters a bad name. Sorry you’re having to deal with the hassle.”

You can check out the tweet that Wolfgang posted on his Twitter account below.