Wolfgang Van Halen had an accident before his performance, which reminded him of Dave Grohl’s performance after he broke his leg.

As you may know, Dave Grohl had a stage accident back in 2015 during a Foo Fighters show in Gothenburg, Sweden. While performing the song ‘Monkey Wrench,’ he fell from the stage and broke his leg. Following the incident, Grohl stayed calm and told the audience that his leg was broken.

Even though he needed to stop performing and get rushed to a hospital, the Foo Fighters frontman decided that show must go on. As the fans were naturally expecting the show to end, the musician’s dedication impressed them all. After the incident, Grohl was taken to backstage for an examination and returned to the stage wearing a fracture boot.

According to Wolfgang Van Halen’s recent tweet, he also had to wear a fracture boot due to an accident. In the tweet, he revealed that he sprained his ankle while walking off the bus in the morning. Wolfgang then said he will have to wear the boot for 4 to 6 weeks, so he would also be wearing it during his performance in Huntsville.

In another tweet, Wolfgang stated that his soundcheck experience was quite interesting due to his sprained ankle. He then recalled when Dave Grohl had to sit while performing after breaking his leg and said he would be Dave Grohl-ing the show that night.

After the show, Wolfgang updated his fans with three pictures taken during his performance. He said that he managed to perform as intended at the show and thanked the fans for making it a special one. Furthermore, Wolfgang pointed out that his ankle looks terrible in the third photo he posted.

Wolfgang Van Halen announced the incident in his tweet as:

“Ate shit walking off the bus this morning and sprained the fuck out of my ankle. Now I gotta rock this boot for 4-6 weeks. Looks like this boot’s gonna get some show experience. We’ll see ya tonight, Huntsville.”

After the soundcheck, Wolfgang tweeted:

“Ok, soundcheck was …interesting. Looks like I’m gonna be Dave Grohl-ing it tonight, folks. Be patient with me.”

Wolfgang then updated the fans with a tweet following the performance:

“Welp… Never done that before, but we pulled it off! Thanks to Huntsville for making it such a special show! (Also, check out how fucked my ankle is in that 3rd pic.)”

You can check out the tweets below.