Mammoth WVH founder and also the frontman, Wolfgang Van Halen, shared a couple of new tweets on his official Twitter page recently to reveal that he’s working on the band’s setlists and asked his fans’ opinion on it.

You may remember that Mammoth WVH released the self-titled debut album on June 11, 2021, by EX1 Records and the album features 13 tracks including the bonus track named ‘Distance’ which was written for late legend Eddie Van Halen. The album peaked number one spot on ‘Billboard’s Top Rock Albums’ in June and got excellent reviews from the professional authorities.

Last week, Mammoth WVH made an official announcement via their website and revealed the Mammoth WVH 2021 Tour Dates. The tour will begin on July 31 at Hersheypark Stadium and Guns N’ Roses will be involved in some of the shows as a supporting act.

Today, Wolf shared a couple of new tweets on his Twitter account to ask fans’ thoughts on putting the Mammoth WVH’s setlist together. Right after the tweet, he thanked his fans who asked him to play the whole album and wanted them to name a specific song.

Here is what Mammoth WVH star wrote:

“Working on Mammoth WVH setlists. What songs do you need to hear?”

Later on, he added another tweet saying:

“Ok, ok, very flattered with the ‘Play the whole album!’ responses. BUT if you had to pick ONE Mammoth WVH song you HAD to hear… What would it be?”

You may check out the tweets below.