During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Mammoth WVH’s founder and former Van Halen bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, talked about the Grammy’s disrespectful tribute to his father Eddie and said that he deserved more, especially for his groundbreaking work as a guitarist.

As you may recall, approximately two weeks ago, Wolf had made it to our headlines with his firm but respectful reaction to the Grammy’s tribute to his father Eddie Van Halen. Wolf was asked to perform Eddie’s ‘Eruption’ solo during the ‘In Memoriam’ segment of the Awards show, which Wolf had declined and said that no one ‘could have lived up to what my father did for music but himself.’

Following that, Wolf thought the Grammy’s would still organize a proper tribute to his father, and was very disappointed when he saw that his father was shown for just 15 seconds between four full performances dedicated to other artists that passed away. In his recent interview, he was once again asked about this matter and Wolf said that some people tell him that he should have done it anyway.

However, he added that people are sometimes incapable of understanding the ’emotional attachment to it’ and that it ‘isn’t the right thing to do.’ He went on to say that he’ll always do his best to continue his father’s legacy and although he knows he’s biased because Eddie is his father, no one can deny the fact that Eddie is one of the three guitarists, alongside Les Paul and Jimi Hendrix, who revolutionized ‘the history of the instrunment.’

Here’s what he said during the interview:

“It just seemed like kind of a tone-deaf ask. It just didn’t feel right. And I think some people are like, ‘Well, you should have just fucking done it anyway.’ And I don’t think they were really thinking about the emotional attachment to it. And just the fact that it isn’t the right thing to do and something I’m not comfortable with.

I’ll always be here to champion my father and to further his legacy to the ends of the earth. I’m a little biased, but I think you cannot argue the impact that three guitar players had on the history of the instrument. And that’s Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix, and my dad. And so when something like this happens, you think he would be deserving of a bit more time.”

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