The bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen has got involved in an argument with his fan on Instagram and responded to the nonsense claim about himself that he hates Italians, although he’s an Italian.

The talented multi-instrumentalist and the son of Eddie Van Halen, Wolf has been highly active on social media platforms, answering the questions of his followers about his upcoming solo album and talking about his favorite self-quarantine activities.

Taking notice of nearly all of the tweets and comments about him, Wolfgang has been blamed by a fan, whose name is Gizzarelli, on Instagram that he ignores his likes and comments.

The fan also said that Wolf Van Halen is jealous of him and not answering since he doesn’t like Italians. Wolf has strongly reacted to the Instagram user and said that he’s an Italian, too. He asked what does that mean while remarking the fact that his mother’s last name is Bertinelli.

Here’s what the fan of Wolfgang said to him on Instagram:

“I’d comment, but I guess little Wolfie is jealous of me because he ignores all my likes and comments. I’m sorry you don’t like Italians.”

Wolf responded to this comment as:

I’m Italian, what the fuck does this even mean?”

He added:

“My mom’s last name is ‘Bertinelli‘ for fucks sake what’s more Italian than that shit?”

While posting the screenshot of the dispute on Twitter, Wolfgang said:


You can see the post below.