Mammoth Wolf Van Halen founder and also the talented bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, has posted a couple of new tweets on his verified Twitter account today and reacted to an Instagram user who did not like the recently made graffiti of late icon Eddie Van Halen.

As you may already remember, the Van Halen family has devastated after the legendary star Eddie Van Halen has passed away from this world after his long-time battle with cancer for more than 5 years. After his sorrowful death, almost every single musician in the industry and fans are doing their best to mourn the inventor of the tapping technique.

This month, Noted artist Robert Vargas took to the back wall behind the famed Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, and he has made an unforgettable mural of the late star. However, some fans on Instagram did not like the graffiti and wrote an unexpected comment.

Here is what a follower wrote under the graffiti of Eddie:

“I loved Eddie but that doesn’t look like him at all.”

Wolf Van Halen took that comment and wrote this:

“Homie better get some glasses, because he can’t see shit.”

Later on, he posted yet another tweet and the comparison of the graffiti and the original photo of Eddie Van Halen to show off how right he is.

He added this:

“The mural is incredible. Literally flawless. I can understand ‘not liking a particular piece of art’ for whatever reason, but saying it doesn’t look like him makes you look BIG dumb.

It’s not even a matter of taste, it’s just straight-up wrong.”

You check out all of these tweets below.