Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and reacted to a fan who compared him to Eddie and responded to another fan who told him not to waste his time and energy replying to tools like him because it will just stress him out.

October 6, 2020, was a hard day for the rock world, as millions mourned the passing of the iconic Van Halen guitarist Eddie. His death was hard on everyone but was especially difficult to cope with for his family. While his father was still battling cancer, Wolf channeled his feelings to music and started writing ‘Distance‘ while trying to imagine how his life would be without Eddie.

He released his first single ‘Distance’ on November 16 as a tribute to his father and the track was well-received by both fans and critics. It ranked No.1 in numerous categories on the Billboard charts and even surpassed AC/DCs new tracks. However, this didn’t ease his pain, and receiving dozens of negative comments on his social media accounts didn’t make it any easier for him.

Recently, a Twitter user said that although Wolf is talented he’ll never be as good as Eddie. Wolf responded by saying ‘no shit’ and added that they’re obviously not the same because they are different people. He went on to say that he’s not a ‘carbon copy’ of Eddie and if he were, that would be boring as hell.

Another fan chimed in and advised Wolf not to waste his time responding to such nonsense negative comments because it’s a waste of time and it sure stresses him out. To this, Wolfgang responded that the whole app is a waste of time but that he still enjoys using it. He added that he appreciates his fan’s concern but also said that he’s tired of hearing advice like that and told everyone to stop saying that.

Here’s what a Twitter user said about Wolf:

“Wolf is awesome but he is not Edward.”

To which Wolfgang responded:

No SHIT I’m not Edward, we’re different people. What is it with you people that say this? Do I walk around like I’m my dad? When people say ‘Hey Wolf’ do I go ‘NO. I’M EDDIE!?’

If I were a carbon copy of my father, that would be boring as hell. I’m my own person, ya fuckers.”

Here’s what another fan responded to that:

“Wouldn’t even waste your time Wolf. The dude is clearly a tool and you’ll just stress yourself out for no reason.”

To which Wolf responded:

“This whole app is a waste of time. I’m actually having fun and enjoying myself. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here. I appreciate the concern, but yall have got to stop telling me this.”

You can check out the tweets below.