Eddie Van Halen‘s son and the current bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang got into another verbal feud with a Van Halen fan who suggested the band’s former bassist Michael Anthony was a better musician than Wolf.

As you may know, the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang has been working on his highly-anticipated solo album for a while. He often shares the details of the upcoming album on social media platforms. Wolf also uses these platforms to answer questions from the fans or respond to the criticism of the haters.

Recently, Wolfgang received a comment from a Van Halen fan on Twitter comparing his music with the band’s former bassist Michael Anthony‘s. In his tweet, the fan nicknamed jonatha14950748‘ claimed that Wolfgang was ruining the classic Van Halen songs with his ‘mindless filler runs’ and added:

“The real question is Michael Anthony or you. The answer is Michael Anthony. Why do you insist on ruining classic VH songs w/ your mindless “filler” runs every 30 seconds? The last live VH was a joy except for you dominating songs that weren’t written that way.

As a response to the criticism against his music, Wolf stated that this Twitter account had everything it takes to be a bot with the nickname and zero followers. As he was used to dealing with these sorts of social media accounts, Wolfgang decided not to take it seriously and didn’t bother responding to the criticism.

Here’s how Wolf Van Halen replied to the tweet:

First name + bunch of numbers? Check.

0 following/0 followers? Check.

Timeline is an unending spewing vortex of complaining/hatred/vitriol? Check.

Oh yeah, baby. We’re in bot town.”

Furthermore, another Twitter user nicknamed ‘Bill69596159‘ commented on Wolf’s tweet by stating:

“Really worth acknowledging this dude? Wolf, you are better than that.

The talented musician didn’t go easy on him too and mocked his nicknamed consisted of first name plus bunch of numbers:

Do you want me to make fun of you too, Bill038572726163949504828171?

You can see the tweet Wolfgang Van Halen posted on Twitter below.