Eddie Van Halen’s son and talented bass guitarist, Wolfgang Van Halen, shared his reaction to the claims that he is trying to promote his solo album these days by replying to one of the fans’ tweets on Twitter.

In the beginning, Wolf replied to a post of NME, which was about the possibility of Van Halen’s upcoming tour and his response to David Lee Roth. After a short period, a fan named Nick Jolly replied to Wolf and claimed that the record company trying to promote Wolf’s solo album with this news.

Later on, Wolf responded to these claims and cleared the air about the situation. He rejected these claims by saying that the story is nothing to do with his solo album and there are no words about his upcoming album in the article.

A fa named Nick Jolly wrote:

“Something tells me some record company guy is trying to PR the heck out of your upcoming release and create a good buzz…”

Wolfgang Van Halen replied:

“Ahh yes, this is great PR for my record where the story has nothing to do with my album and takes a sentence I said about something else out of context. Stellar PR.”

You can read the tweets below.