Former Van Halen member and Mammoth WVH founder, Wolfgang Van Halen, shared a couple of new tweets after releasing his latest single and responded to one of the criticisms that he’s sharing too much music from the band’s upcoming album.

As you may already follow our recently published articles, Mammoth WVH is working on their self-titled debut album for a while and it will be released in June 2021. The recording will feature twelve tracks and the band had released 5 different singles until today. The sixth single of the album named ‘Mammoth’ was released on music streaming platforms and on YouTube as a lyric video.

After the release of the single, one of his fans claimed that Wolf has given them over half the album on the comments section. Wolf took his official Twitter and claimed that he can’t even do the math while Mammoth WVH released 6 songs from a 14 song album.

Here is what Wolf wrote in his latest tweet:

“What is math?

I love that we’ve reached a point where THIS is criticism. For the longest time, it was ‘Yo Wolf where the fuck is your album?! Chinese Democracy 2 amirite?’ and now it’s ‘You’re giving us too much music.'”

You may check out the tweets and latest single of the band right below.