Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a photo on his Instagram account with which he announced that his new song ‘Distance’ ranked 1st on a very popular radio station’s list, surpassing AC/DC.

As you probably remember, Wolf released his song ‘Distance’ on November 16, as a tribute to his father Eddie Van Halen who passed away in October after battling throat cancer for almost five years. The song soon achieved critical acclaim and ranked 1st in numerous categories on the Billboard charts.

However, Mammoth WVH was not the only artist to surprise the rock world with their new song. AC/DC also released their 17th studio album ‘PWR UP/Power Up‘ on November 13 and the album ranked number 1 in almost twenty countries in less than a week. It also became the fastest-selling album of 2020 with 117,000 copies sold only in the first week.

Even though the competition for the first place on music charts was fierce, it seems like Wolf has succeeded for now. In his recent post, Wolf announced that he ranked first on the Top 20 Singles list of Heavy 1 Radio. The interesting point is that Wolf’s song got ahead of AC/DC’s ‘Realize‘ which has been a huge success too.

Wolf posted this list on his Instagram account and thanked Heavy 1 Radio for sharing it. It must have been a proud moment for Wolf to see his name ahead of AC/DC. His post received hundreds of comments from his fans who congratulated him for his success and encouraged him to keep working on his music and release new songs as soon as possible.

Here’s what Wolf said in the caption of his Instagram post:

Thank you Heavy 1 Radio!

You can check out the photo that Wolf posted on his Instagram account below.