Wolfgang Van Halen shared his reaction to his new song ‘Don’t Back Down’ being used for athlete Simone Biles’ highlight video via his official Twitter account.

After Eddie Van Halen passed away following his health problems, Wolfgang shuted the doors of Van Halen and founded his own band ‘Mammoth WVH’ in this year. Also, he even released a self-titles album last month.

Today, one of the fans of Wolfgang revealed that his ‘Don’t Back Down’ from Mammoth WVH album is used for the highlights of Olympic athlete Simone Biles on television, which seemed pretty cool.

After a short period, Wolfgang replied to this tweet and showed how much he liked this video. This could also means that Wolfgang could allow his songs to be used in the sports events, but there is nothing certain yet.

One of the fans said:

“When I first heard “Don’t Back Down” from Mammoth WVH and Wolf Van Halen thought it would be used for NFL highlight reels. I didn’t expect to see it being used with Simone Biles highlights. That being said, it works out just fine.”

Wolfgang Van Halen replied:

“What?! This is crazy!”

You can check out the post below.