Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account to answer his followers’ questions and when one of them asked about Eddie’s inspirations, Wolf’s mentioning of Eric Clapton surprised Van Halen fans.

As you might remember, recently, there was a piece of news which lead to the misunderstanding that Wolf is selling his deceased father Eddie’s guitars. Following that, Wolf received a lot of negative comments and messages from thousands of people for something that he didn’t do.

Wolf expressed his anger towards people attacking him based on a news’ headline without reading the article. He stated that he would never do something like that and criticized the people who are trying to make money off his father’s death. He also said that the past days have been so annoying that he might need another break from social media.

However, a couple of days later, Wolf posted a friendly tweet on his Twitter account. It seems like time was what Wolf needed to calm down. Just some hours ago, Wolf posted a tweet saying that he has the hiccups and that he will be answering his followers’ questions in order to distract himself.

Wolf received some very interesting questions but one of the most exciting ones was about the Mammoth WVH tour and Eddie’s biggest inspirations as a guitarist. Wolf responded by saying that he wants to start touring as soon as it’s safe to do so.

As for Eddie’s inspiration, Wolf revealed that Eddie really appreciated Eric Clapton‘s work, especially during his time in Cream, the British band formed in 1966. After the Yardbirds, Clapton earned the reputation of the best blues guitarist in Britain which made him a well-sought and loved guitarist.

As his time in Cream was one of the peak points of Clapton’s career, it should not be surprising that Eddie was inspired by his guitar playing. However, it is definitely surprising to find out that a metal-head was so deeply inspired by a blues guitarist.

Here’s what one of his followers asked:

“Well if you’re still answering questions, I have two. When do you expect to tour for your album and who did your dad respect as guitarists? Thanks.”

To which Wolf responded:

“I expect to tour whenever it’s safe to do so, and one my of father’s earliest inspirations was Cream era Clapton.”

You can check out the tweet that Wolf posted below.