Mammoth WVH frontman and founder, Wolfgang Van Halen, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Kaos TV this week, and he talked about many things from his upcoming debut album to his reaction while watching Eddie Van Halen in Grammy Awards.

As you might remember, in the 63rd Grammy Awards last month, the Recording Academy paid tribute to the stars that we lost in 2020. However, most of the authorities in the music scene, including his beloved son Wolf, thought that the Academy disrespected Eddie by sharing just a 15-seconds-long video clip to mourn him.

In his latest interview with Kaos TV, Wolf was asked what was his reaction when the late Van Halen frontman got such a small role at the end of the Grammy Awards. According to Wolf, the main thing he was disappointed in was not mentioning Eddie by his name at the beginning of the ceremony.

Here is what Wolf said:

“It was really different than what I thought it was gonna be but I think the only thing that really disappointed me was that he wasn’t mentioned by name, at least in the beginning. He should have at least been brought up.”

Kaos TV also asked:

“They asked you to perform. Was there some specific reason that you didn’t want to do it?”

Wolf responded:

“Yeah, I’ve been spending my life trying to be my own musician. Being asked to go up and be my dad is a bit of a tone-deaf ask in my opinion. At least the people have been criticizing me for not doing it. I don’t think they really thought about how I would feel in that.”

You can watch the interview below.

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