Mammoth WVH founder and former Van Halen bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen, was recently interviewed by BBC Radio’s ‘Raised On Radio’ and talked about the tracklist of his upcoming shows as well as whether Eddie listened to his songs before he passed away last year.

You may remember that Wolf was working on the debut album of Mammoth WVH for a long time, and he released his first-ever solo album this month. The album features eleven tracks including a special song named ‘Distance‘ that Wolf has written for Van Halen legend Eddie which was released as a single before the initial release of the album.

While Wolf still enjoys the album charts and the album’s huge success in the music scene, he revealed that Eddie Van Halen listened to most of the songs from recording. He also added that late legend probably listened to potentially the next two albums of Mammoth WVH.

In the same interview, Mammoth WVH founder was asked whether he thinks about playing any Van Halen songs on his Mammoth WVH tour or the shows will just feature tracks from the band’s debut album. Wolf stated that the tour will be all original material and he’d rather bomb with his own music.

Wolf shared whether his late dad listened to his songs:

“Oh yeah, he was the only other person than myself to have all the ideas on his phone. He even had the ideas that didn’t make it to the album, he’s heard probably potentially the next album or two.”

And here are his words on playing Van Halen songs on tour:

“No, that’s gonna be all original material. As my dad said when criticized over the amount of covers on [1982’s] ‘Diver Down,’ I’d rather bomb with my own material than succeed with someone else’s.”

You can watch Wolf’s interview right below.