Wolfgang Van Halen responded to one of his haters once again on Twitter and revealed that he is just doing what his father wanted him to do about his guitar line.

Eddie Van Halen created his custom guitar brand back in 1991 and developed the instrument day by day. Since then, he only played with his signature guitars until his death in October 2020.

Recently, an angry Van Halen fan accused Wolfgang of refusing to play with Eddie’s signature ‘Wolfgang’ guitar. According to this user, this behavior harms the legacy of his father.

However, Wolf cleared the air by saying that he uses the ‘Wolfgang’ signature guitar on and off stage. He added that he’s also running the brand with Matt Bruck, which is what Eddie wanted him to do with his guitar line.

Then Wolf noted that he doesn’t really mind it when people hate him or his personality for valid reasons. However, he stressed that it upsets him to see people hating him for things that aren’t true.

Wolfgang Van Halen on not using Eddie’s guitar brand:

“The fuck are you talking about? I play a Wolfgang on and off stage all the time. I’m also running the brand with Matt Bruck. It’s what my father wanted. Why are you so dumb?

I don’t mind when people hate me for things that are true, but when these idiots hate me for things that are 100% wrong it’s just so frustrating. Hate me for the right reasons, you shitheads.

Like, how does he know if I play the guitar or not when I’m off stage. Does he like… spy on me or some shit? Homie is unhinged.”

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