Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted two tweets on his Twitter account and declared that he has decided to become more ruthless against trolls and that he won’t give it another thought before blocking them from now on.

This year has been quite difficult for Wolfgang Van Halen and his family. As you know,  Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6 after battling throat cancer for more than five years. While his father was still alive, Wolf wrote ‘Distance‘ in an attempt to imagine his life without Eddie.

Wolf ended up recording and releasing ‘Distance’ as a tribute to his father on November 16, and the song soon achieved critical acclaim. It ranked 1st on iTunes in just a few days and then it made its way to number 1 in numerous categories on the Billboard charts.

Even though Wolf’s work has been appreciated by many, there have also been a lot of people attacking Wolf on social media and basically rubbing salt into his wound. Wolf has been trying to clarify his stance and plans while responding to even the worst possible comments.

Approximately ten days ago, Wolf stated that he is so tired of people accusing him of stuff that he hasn’t done on social media that he might need to take a break. However, it seems like he has now found an alternative solution to this problem.

In his recent tweet, Wolf said that the time has come for him to be more ruthless when it comes to blocking people. He stated that the reason he was hesitant about doing it before was because he believed that some trolls see it as an accomplishment when the person they have offended blocks them.

Nonetheless, he added that he doesn’t care about that anymore and that he’s going to block them from now on. In his follow-up tweet, Wolf said that he prefers Instagram and Facebook when it comes to blocking as you can block a lot of people at once and ‘multi-kill.’

Numerous people commented on Wolf’s Twitter post and said that they support his decision and that blocking people is just an easy way of removing negative energy from your life. Time will tell if Wolf will find the solution in taking a break from social media or blocking trolls from his feed.

This is what Wolf Van Halen said in his tweet:

“I think I need to get more comfortable with blocking people. I used to hate blocking because I know some trolls view it as some sort of accomplishment or some shit but fuck it. I’m going to block ’em. The button is there for a reason.”

Here’s what he said in his next tweet:

“The best is on Instagram or Facebook when some dipshit says something asshole-y, and then all the other assholes like it and you can block ’em all at once. Multi-kill. Tasty.”

Here’s what one of his followers commented on his recent tweet:

“Blocking people is just a way of removing negative energy from our life. It’s just as simple as that. Don’t overthink or complicate it. Overthinking and complicating is feeding negative energy. Be done with negativity. Those who truly care for you Wolf, that energy is what matters.”

You can check out the tweet that Wolf posted on his Twitter account below.