Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account with which he responded in anger to a highly disgraceful comment about his deceased father, Eddie Van Halen.

As you probably know, Eddie Van Halen passed away on the 6th of October due to the complications of throat cancer. His death has been difficult for his fans, but obviously much harder for his family. Wolf and Eddie were very close and their relationship was not limited to their familial bond.

Thus, Eddie’s death has been really hard to cope with for Wolf, who has been posting black and white pictures of Eddie and himself on his Instagram and Twitter account. In one of his latest posts, he actually said that it has been very hard for him to continue his life when Eddie is not around.

In such a difficult time for Eddie’s family, some people have the audacity to still send Wolf hate-comments involving Eddie. Everything started when a Twitter account responded to Wolf Van Halen’s recent tweet considering him being a guest at Howard Stern’s radio show.

Here’s what the account said:

“Still leeching off of your father’s name I see. You talentless f—ing hack. Leave the band and give your spot back to its rightful owner you lowlife c–t.”

This response angered a lot of Wolf’s fans and followers as Wolf is already going through a hard time, and disrespectful and hurtful comments like that would only make it harder for him and his family.

Even though one might have expected Wolf to respond to this with a furious tone, Wolf simply said that he doesn’t have the energy to even come of with a joke for such a response. He called the owner of the account an asshole and pointed out that he must have a pretty sad life to be this petty.

Wolf could have responded in a harsher way and he would have been supported by his fans and followers. However, it seems that the pain that he feels is so deep that he doesn’t even have the energy to turn his sad feelings into a mocking joke.

Thus, it might be a good idea for haters to be patient for a while before they unleash their hatred upon a young man who lost both his father and his band-mate.

Here’s what Wolf said:

“I don’t have the energy to come up with a joke for this, just look at this lame asshole lol. What a sad life this dude must lead.”

You can check out the tweet that Wolfgang Van Halen posted on his Twitter account below.