During a conversation with 104.5 WJJK, Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about his relationship with his father, Eddie Van Halen, and reminisced his most precious memory with the deceased guitar legend.

As you probably know, Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6, 2020, after battling cancer for more than five years. His death was hard on his friends and fans but even harder for his loving family. Wolf has been quite open about his father’s loss and has been posting black and white photos of him on his Instagram account.

On November 16, Wolf released his first solo song ‘Distance‘ as a tribute to his father, which he wrote while Eddie was still battling cancer. The video clip of the song is as emotional as the lyrics because it includes numerous video recordings of Eddie and Wolf from when Wolf was still a child.

In the recent interview, Wolf talked about his close relationship with his father and revealed his favorite memory with Eddie. Wolf said that he is still going through the old videotapes from his childhood and there is one that he remembers but still hasn’t found.

When Wolf was seven years old, the Van Halen family was getting the floors in their house redone and at one point, the family was hanging out all together drinking soda. Being hopped up on sugar, Eddie and Wolf started dancing and singing in their pajamas in front of the camera.

Even though Wolf hasn’t managed to find that tape yet, he said that it is one of the best memories that he had with his father. He said that he specifically loves that memory because they were being goofy and having a good time which is probably all a child wants to do with their parent.

Here’s what Wolf said in the interview:

“Going through all the videos and digitizing footage, I hope I can find this one – we were getting the floors redone in the house, and we were drinking soda or something. We were all hopped up on sugar, and we were dancing around in our pajamas in front of a video camera. I really, really wanna find that tape so badly. I know it’s somewhere.

But that was always a really fun memory, ’cause we were just goofy. I wanna make that clear – I was, like, seven. It wasn’t, like, recently. I just wanna make it clear. I was, like, seven in that video.”

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