The founder of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen, recently posted some photos on his Instagram account and thanked Herry Harvey Audio for their amazing gift which he cannot wait to use in ‘lives with Mammoth WVH’ whenever that is.

Wolfgang started his music career by playing drums at the age of nine and then moved on to bass guitar which soon became his go-to instrument. He started performing with Van Halen in 2007, at the age of sixteen, and then in 2012, it was announced that he would be filling in for Tremonti’s bassist Brian Marshall during their first tour.

Upon his father’s passing on October 6, 2020, after battling cancer for more than five years, Wolf released his debut solo song ‘Distance‘ as a tribute to his father and, later on, revealed that he wrote the song when Eddie was still alive. The track achieved mainstream success and ranked No.1 on the Billboard charts.

After that, Wolf started working on his solo band, Mammoth WVH, and in January he had made it to our headlines with his exciting announcements considering the release date of Mammoth WVH’s debut album. In his latest Instagram post, he showed off his custom made in-ears and thanked Herry Harvey Audio for this great gift. He went on to say that he cannot wait to use them ‘live with Mammoth WVH when the world returns to normal.’

Here’s what Wolf said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“A million thanks to Jerry and all the wonderful folks at Jerry Harvey Audio for this gift of the greatest pair of in-ears I’ve ever had. They look and sound incredible and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Can’t wait to break these in live with Mammoth WVH when the world returns to normal 🤘

Thank you.”

Click here to check out the photos that Wolf posted on his Instagram account.