Mammoth WVH founder and former bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, was recently interviewed by Mexico City’s ‘Reactor 105.7 FM’ this week and revealed how he decided not to follow his late dad’s footsteps and forging his own way.

You may already listen to Mammoth WVH’s self-titled debut album that features eleven tracks including six singles that were released as lyric videos. The album is now available for the price of $12.74 for the CD edition and $32.98 for Vinyl. The self-titled album of the band got excellent reviews from the professional authorities as Wolf himself played every single instrument in the album all by himself.

In the interview he made with Pepe Campa of Reactor 105.7 FM, Wolf was asked why he decided not to follow his late father’s footsteps and wished to make his own music. According to Wolf, he would be such a boring musician if he was just an imitation of the late Van Halen guitarist because he already did what he had to do and no one needs yet another Eddie.

While sharing his thoughts on his debut album, he also shared the story of how he always told his father that he will name his own band one day.

Wolf shared his thoughts saying:

“When it comes to that, and people have expectations of what I do must follow in suit with my father, I just kind of don’t listen to that. I’m just kind of being myself, and if people have a problem with that, then they have a problem with it. So, as long as I stay true to myself and I be myself and I don’t try to…

I think that’s why I’m happy that I’m my own musician. It would be really boring if I was just a carbon copy of my dad, ’cause he already did that. I don’t wanna do what he did. I just personally love the name so much. Growing up, my dad would tell me the story, and I’d always feel, like, ‘I really wanna name my own band that when I grow up.‘ I think it touches on the family legacy and I think Van Halen fans mostly know, but most people don’t really know that story.

So, while it seems obvious to Van Halen fans, I think to everybody else, it’s a nice nod to the legacy, but I can take it in my own direction.”

You can watch the interview right below.