Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and reacted to a fan who thought that it would be appropriate to criticize Eddie’s ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, for her way of griefing while claiming that she has never taken the time to acknowledge his wife.

As you know, the rock world suffered the loss of Van Halen’s legendary guitarist on October 6, 2020, who passed away after battling throat cancer for more than five years. Eddie’s death was hard on his friends and fans but even harder for his loving family. While his father was still struggling with cancer, Wolf found the remedy in music and started writing a song to explore how his life would change if Eddie passed away.

He wrote ‘Distance‘ which he released on November 16 as a tribute to his father. The song achieved critical acclaim and even ranked No.1 in numerous categories on the Billboard charts. Wolf’s success was applauded by his mother, Valerie Bertinelli, who has also used her social media accounts to pay tribute to her late ex-husband numerous times since his death.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie were married from 1981 until their divorce in 2007 and had a son, Wolfgang. Both Valerie and Eddie went on with their lives and got married again but they continued having a civil relationship. Thus, upon his passing, Valerie posted numerous messages cherishing the great days they had as a family. However, this seems to have annoyed some of Eddie’s fans.

In specific, one user criticized Valerie’s recent Twitter post with Eddie and Wolf and said that she has never acknowledged his wife who mourns more‘ than she does. They also said that she was the one who divorced him and didn’t even get his diagnosis right. Finally, they said that she has made Eddie’s death all about herself while implying that she actually doesn’t care at all.

Such an attack obviously angered Wolf who retweeted this user’s tweet and reacted in a frustrated way. He called the user a ‘b*tch‘ and said that she’s actually policing his mother’s grief. You know that Wolf has been angered multiple times with fans’ tweets considering Eddie’s death and Wolf’s success, so once again he said that Twitter is the ‘f*cking best.’

Here’s what a follower said to Valerie Bertinelli:

“It’s also weird that from the time of his death you’ve never acknowledged his Wife! You divorced him. She mourns more than you do. You’ve made this about you from day one and you didn’t even get his diagnosis right. Just sayin’.”

Wolfgang retweeted this message and wrote:

“Hey check out this bitch policing my mother’s grief. Isn’t this website the fucking best?”