Wolfgang Van Halen recently released his new album, Mammoth WVH, which is the self-titled name of his band, and he revealed why he didn’t release it before even though he recorded it about two years ago.

As you might recall, Eddie Van Halen had been suffering from lots of health issues in his career. He overcomes tongue cancer in 2002 and diagnosed with throat cancer in 2019. Unfortunately, the legendary guitarist passed away in October.

After the devastating loss of his father, Wolfgang announced that there will be no Van Halen without Eddie and revealed that Van Halen will not continue to play in the future lack of the legendary late guitarist.

Wolfgang confirmed back in 2019 that he finished his solo album, and he teased the new materials that he has been working on through late 2020 as well as announcing that he will be releasing a new album.

After mourning the death of Eddie, Wolfgang announced that he is going to launch a new solo band and an album ‘Mammoth WVH’ this summer, and he also released a tribute song for his dad in early 2021, Distance.

On June 11, Wolfgang released his debut album and started to talk about the upcoming recording in the interviews and guest appearances. In one of those interviews with the Washington Post, Wolfgang explained why he didn’t release the album two years ago even though he recorded it.

According to Wolfgang, he either choose to release the album and be on tour for eighteen months or stay close to his dad. Because of how good a son he is, Wolfgang decided to spent time with Eddie while he has been dealing with health issues.

Interviewer said:

“When you say so long, what people don’t understand is that–I know you don’t call yourself a genius person, but you recorded a lot of this record years ago, several years ago. You wrote it when I sat with you in the studio.

We did an article on Wolf. You can–you know, I know you people love print. This is the article. It came out Sunday, but you can look at it online too.

You know, you were writing these songs five, six years ago, a couple of them even longer ago, but you did not put out this record. It was done in 2018, and the reason is, you can tell us.”

Wolfgang Van Halen replied:

“Yeah. My father had his health struggles, and so it was either put the record out and go on tour for 18 months or be with my dad, and I think I made the right choice.”

In this way, Wolfgang revealed that they knew the death of Eddie is coming closer and closer, and this is why he wanted to spend more with his dad just like every other child would want to.