Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on Twitter and reacted to another ‘fan’ who accused him of using his father’s reputation. Since there are numerous people blaming Wolfgang for the same thing every day, he recently asked for a reasonable explanation while stressing he has done everything by himself with Mammoth WVH.

As many of you know, Wolfgang Van Halen has been working on his music career with his solo band named Mammoth WVH since the disbandment of Van Halen due to the loss of guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Following the release of his debut studio album on June 11, 2021, Wolfgang has been praised for finding his own voice as well as creating such a personal and touching record.

Due to the fact that many fans have high expectations for Wolfgang, he has been experiencing pressure and heavy criticism on social media. There had been many statements and claims about the musician that made absolutely no sense, most of which were related to his father, Eddie Van Halen. Although it’s inevitable for the Mammoth WVH founder to be compared to his legendary father, there have been a number of occasions when fans took it too far.

Despite having thick skin, the former Van Halen bassist often couldn’t help himself but reply to the comments about his family, especially his late father, which led to some heated conversations. Fortunately, Wolfgang has been handling the notion of freedom of speech on social media better lately and he often responds to criticism using his humor.

Recently, a ‘fan’ shared a tweet stating that there are better bands than Mammoth WVH and that Wolfgang Van Halen has been using his father’s reputation and fame this whole time. According to that fan, although Wolfgang Van Halen isn’t entirely terrible, there are bands at local bars that are as good as Mammoth WVH.

The tweet follows:

“Sorry, there are many better bands out there. He is riding his dads’ coat tails. He is not awful but I see bands at local bars that are as good.”

After seeing the usual accusation, Wolfgang Van Halen shared a tweet asking his fans to explain to him how exactly he has been using Eddie Van Halen’s fame while recording an album all by himself and not playing any Van Halen songs. Following the hypothetical question, Wolfgang simply laughed at the peculiarity of the situation and sounded quite fed up with these allegations.

In his Twitter post, Wolfgang stated:

“I would love for someone to explain to me how I’m riding my father’s coattails by recording an album all on my own and not playing any Van Halen songs? Haha.”

Being the protective and supportive mother she is, Wolfgang’s mom Valerie Bertinelli also shared a post on her official Twitter page after seeing that tweet. According to Valerie, that person is nothing but a person who is looking for some attention.

Valeri’s tweet follows:

“Asshat looking for attention.”

You can see the Twitter posts down below.