Wolfgang Van Halen, who is the bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, has reacted to an absurd comment of a Twitter user targetting the band after the sorrowful death news of the former member, Mark Stone.

As you may recall, the original bass player of Van Halen, Mark Stone, who played with them from 1972 until 1974, passed away in the previous days. The news was confirmed by his family and they also stated that Stone had been battling against cancer in hospice.

Expressing his condolences to Mark Stone’s family and friends, Wolf Van Halen has reposted the update on Twitter and said it is heartbreaking to hear of his passing. Wolf also mentioned that he met Mark a few times and said he was a wonderful man.

A fan of Wolfgang, whose name is Gerry, asked under this tweet if Stone had kept in touch with Eddie and Alex Van Halen. Before even Wolfgang said a thing about the issue, a Twitter user, whose name is Mike, claimed he hadn’t talked with them for decades.

Lost his temper with this nonsense comment, Wolfgang Van Halen responded to the debate. He said it’s really odd to lie about something you know nothing of. Wolf added that Stone and the Van Halens absolutely still talked, that’s how he has met the bassist numerous times over the years.

Here is what Wolfgang Van Halen said in his tweet to commemorate Mark Stone:

“Heartbreaking news to hear of Mark’s passing. Met him a few times and he was a wonderful man. My heart goes out to his family.”

A follower of Wolf, whose name is Gerry, asked:

“Did he keep in touch with your dad & uncle?”

A Twitter user, whose name is Mike answered as:

“Not at all – hadn’t talked for decades, but still sad to hear.”

Wolf reacted to this comment and said:

“Really odd to lie about something you know nothing about. What do you get out of this? They absolutely still talked. How else would I have met him numerous times over the years if they ‘hadn’t spoken in decades’?”

You can see the tweets below.