Eddie Van Halen‘s son and the current bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang changed his nickname on Twitter as ‘Wolfy Van Halenson‘ after receiving another strange comment from a fan which was considered as another move to deal with the haters.

As you might know, the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang has been working on his solo album for a while. As he hints at the details of the upcoming album from time to time on social media platforms, fans have been getting excited about the release of Wolf’s solo project.

However, as an active user of social media, Wolf has also been exposed to criticism from the haters which he does not hesitate to respond to. He often mocks with these people which he claims is the best way to deal with them.

A short while ago, Wolfgang received a comment from a Twitter user nicknamed ‘Lil crazy’ stating he actually thought it was ‘Wolfy Van Halenson‘s profile. As a response, Wolf changed his name on Twitter as ‘Wolfy Van Halenson’ and also inserted the screenshot of the comment on the header of his profile.

Wolfgang’s reaction to his follower’s joke was considered as another example of how he coped with the haters on social media. Moreover, the young musician might have been hoping to deal with fewer haters by changing his name on Twitter.

You can see Wolfgang Van Halen’s latest tweet right below.