The youngest member of Van Halen and the bassist of the band, Wolfgang Van Halen has confirmed the tour of his upcoming solo album and said that he will be playing guitar and singing during the shows.

As you know, Wolf Van Halen has been working on his debut album and giving some details about how his new music is going to be like on his social media accounts. He released a short video that teased out the amazing solo of bass and drums a month ago.

Recently, Wolf has stated that the album is completed now and it will be out when the effects of the global pandemic go down. He also clarified the fact that it is completely a solo album that includes no featuring. Wolf added that it took a long time to make the album, but it was a learning experience and he is very proud of the result.

Lately, Wolfgang Van Halen has revealed some details about the possible tour of his solo album, as well. He answered the question of a fan who asked if he would go out on the road in support of his album and what instruments would he play.

Wolf said that he is planning the tour and he will be playing guitar and singing. As he stated back then, the album features neither Eddie Van Halen nor David Lee Roth, and these names probably won’t appear during the shows. It seems that Wolf will be looking for the tour members in the forthcoming period.

Here is what the fan, whose name is Dennis, asked to Wolf Van Halen on Twitter:

“If things ever get to normal. Would you go out on the road in support of your album? If so what instrument would you play?”

Wolfgang replied as:

Absolutely! I’ll be playing guitar and singing!”

You can see Wolf’s tweet below.