Former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page replying to a fan’s statement about him being sensitive when it comes to defending himself on social media accounts and apparently, Wolfgang completely disagrees.

As you may know, Wolfgang Van Halen has been reacting to allegations of the future of Van Halen for a while and constantly stating that there will be no Van Halen without his deceased father, the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, through his social media accounts.

However, fans do not stop asking him about a possible reunion of Van Halen and apparently, Wolfgang Van Halen is sick of keep answering those questions with a huge no. While he mostly keeps his temper, a fan shared a post and stated that Wolfgang will do the opposite of what he said with a good price.

Here is what the fan said:

“Never say never. If the money’s right, you’ll be there. And I’ll be there to watch.”

Wolfgang Van Halen replied to that fan’s statement and, once again, expressed his determination about not replacing his father in order to respect his memory in addition to stating that he would not throw his morals away just for the sake of money.

Here is what Wolfgang said:

“I can confidently say I will NEVER replace my father in Van Halen and tour around the world disrespecting my father’s memory. No EVH = No VH. Get the fuck over it, but if you can’t, just quit bothering me about it and demanding I do it when I’ve made it very clear how I feel.

As you may know, and ESPECIALLY quit acting all high and mighty like this turkey like I would throw away my morals for the right price. Fuck off, bro.”

While one may think the conversation over, but not on social media apparently since another fan took the matter and shared a tweet stating that Wolfgang is too sensitive to be on Twitter. Wolfgang replied to that fan too and stressed the fact that defending himself has nothing to do with being sensitive.

Here is what the fan said:

“Mr. Van Halen – You are way too sensitive to be on Twitter. It is not healthy to respond to negative comments thrown your way. Just do you!”

Here is what Wolfgang said:

“Dude this has nothing to do with being sensitive. What the fuck are you talking about?”

That fan answered Wolfgang’s tweet again and stated that Wolfgang defends himself constantly for the past few months and later on insulted Wolfgang by every means. Wolfgang cleared the air and stated that defending himself against the disrespectful assumptions about his father is not related to him being sensitive.

Here is what the fan said:

“Look back at the last month of your tweets. you are CONSTANTLY defending your position on anything. “What the fuck am I talking about’? You made my case.

I was not attacking you, son. But know that you mention it – Go Fuck yourself, your shitty music, and your fat mother.”

Here is what Wolfgang said:

Defending my stance on filling my father’s position in VH has nothing to do with being sensitive. It’s snuffing out bullshit and making my thoughts as clear as possible. If that’s too much for you (like this jolly baby Christmas boy) then here’s the door”

You can see the Twitter posts right below.