The bassist and the youngest member of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen has reacted to one of the most asked questions to him on Twitter and put an end to the discussion about his album related to his father, Eddie Van Halen.

As you may know, the talented bass guitarist Wolf Van Halen has recorded his debut solo album and getting ready to release it as soon as the global pandemic ceases or ends.

Wolf has been giving updates about the creative process of his brand new album on social media. He has stated that his music is not like Van Halen‘s music nor any other musician’s work he admires. It is also known that the upcoming album features no other person.

However, Wolfgang has been constantly asked on Twitter if he made a collaboration with someone, and especially with his father, the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Has always been saying no to this question, Wolfgang Van Halen has shown through his recent tweets that he is fed up with this issue.

Lately, a fan of Wolf asked him if his dad or uncle plays on his solo album again. Wolfgang has reacted and given the most precise answer over and over again with several gifs, saying no.

Here is what the fan of Wolfgang Van Halen asked him:

“Do your Dad and Uncle play on your solo album?”

Wolfgang responded as:

“*inhales deeply*


You can see the tweets below.