Former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page after a fan stated that his actions against other people reminded him of Donald Trump since Wolfgang often ‘attacks’ the haters who send him messages on social media.

As you may know, Wolfgang Van Halen is quite an active social media user, especially on his official Twitter page which he uses mostly to reply to his fans or haters. Wolfgang often slams those who made false statements about him or his family and does not hold himself back.

Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a post on his Twitter account about TMZ by referring to them as ‘scum.’ One of his followers replied to his tweet by stating that his actions towards others on social media, especially those with whom Wolfgang disagrees has a resemblance with Donald Trump since Wolfgang ‘attacks’ people with an immature attitude.

Here is what his followers stated:

“Know who you are starting to remind me of – Trump. If anyone does something or says something you don’t agree with, you immediately go on the attack with name-calling and other immature replies. You’re hurting your reputation with this trivial BS.”

In his response to the criticism of his attitudes towards haters, Wolfgang stated that when somebody releases private information about his family, he has the right to call them whatever he likes.

Later on, Wolfgang shared another tweet stating that since his father Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away, he is the one to defend him. He also stressed that people should get used to it or else unfollow him.

Here is how Wolf responded to the criticism about his attitudes:

“Oh get fucked and blocked. I’ve got every right in the world to call people scum who release private information about my family. Fuck them and fuck you.”

He continued:

“If you fuck with my family, especially my father who is unable to defend himself, you fuck with me. It’s my job to do so now and I’ll never stop. So if you’ve got a problem with that, you can either learn how to get over it or unfollow me.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.