Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son and the bass guitarist of the band, Wolfgang Van Halen, took to his official Instagram account to show his stance against the haters and responded to the harsh words about him.

One of the fans user named Gyro slammed Wolf by saying that his new upcoming solo album is going to be suck and said that Wolfgang has no talent. Another fan asked him how did he know this even before it got released.

Gyro replied to this fan and claimed that he listened to four tracks of Wolfgang’s album, and the most interesting part about this claim that he heard these tracks during the soundchecks of Van Halen’s.

Later on, Wolfgang replied to Gyro and stated that he had never played his own songs during the soundcheck and wrote that he could just say he doesn’t like Wolf at all instead of lying about Wolf’s album.

Even though Wolfgang responded Gyro in the comment section and have a conversation about why he is lying all the time, Wolf didn’t want to stop there. He continued to criticize this hater by sharing a lot of posts on his Instagram Stories.

Here is what Gyro said about Wolfgang’s album:

“That’s going to suck. He has got no talent.”

Another fan named Robert asked:

“How do you even know? Did you hear it?”

Gyro replied:

“I heard 4 tracks from his demo. Throughout the years of him playing bass in his father’s band, I was there for a dozen sound checks. During a few of those, he played a few songs he has written… Not good songS. I think he can do better.”

Before Wolf replied to his comment, he wrote his thoughts on the stories:

“Spot the lie. Can you find it? It is the whole thing. Like its literally all bullshit. Most of the material hadn’t even written when Van Halen was on tour last, let alone recorded.

And I certainly never played anything during the soundcheck parties at Van Halen show what the f*ck? They are there to see Van Halen. Why the f*ck would I even do that?

So unless a homie broke into the bus and stole my laptop to listen to my shitty logic demos, I’m pretty sure he has never heard a demo? Let alone four.”

After a while, Wolfgang replied to his hater:

“Lol, what the heck are you even talking about. I’ve never played any of my music on a VH tour soundcheck. 90% of it wasn’t even written the last time VH was on tour.

Like that’s just a straight-up lie. Just be honest and say you don’t like me instead, it’s much easier.”

His hater Gyro responded:

“Dude you suck. Please don’t waste your time putting out any of that crap you call solo music. Stay home.”

Another fan named Kyle wrote:

“How do you know if it is crap if you have literally never heard it?”

Wolfgang said:

“Because I suck, aren’t you paying attention?”

Gyro wrote:

“Well, I was told about this so-called mistake. And my source is very accurate I don’t appreciate people with very very little talent pushing crap albums I have a right to my options and views on this matter.

There are very great musicians who I enjoy all there work. This guy has no talent and you and no one else will change my mind. He has no talent!”

Wolfgang responded to this comment on his stories:

“Ok, so this dumb shit he’s saying is somehow his defense that he isn’t lying, but the dude can barely navigate a f*ckin’ keyboard properly. His very accurate source seems about as well versed in bullshit as he is.”

You can check out the posts below.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram
Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram
Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram