Alter Bridge, Creed, and Tremonti guitarist Mark Tremonti was the latest guest of PlayerFM’s Jasta Show and they got into from the ribbon flyers during that halftime show to pinball and wrestling and everything in between.

After they’ve talked about how the late legend Eddie Van Halen’s Wolf joined Tremonti for a year to perform ‘Cauterize’ and ‘Dust’ back in 2015, they’ve also talked about if Mark ever talked to him about when Sammy Hagar took over the vocals in Van Halen. Mark was also asked if it’s a fact that Van Halen has sold more records in the Sammy Hagar era.

Just after answering questions, he also shared his personal thoughts on Wolfgang Van Halen and stated that he’s an incridible musician as well as being a great personality.

Jasta Show has asked:

“When you worked with Wolfgang, did you ever talk to him about when Sammy took over? Did he ever tell you about what the band dealt with? Is it true they sold more records with Sammy?”

Here is what Mark Tremonti said:

“I’m not sure, I think more records, in general, were being sold at that time in that era, but I have no idea. He’s another guy that would catch flack for being up on stage with Van Halen live, you know, but people don’t realize Wolfie is an incredible musician.

You sit down with Wolfie and you want to talk trash about him playing? Well you sit down and you try to play anywhere near as Wolfie and you’re gonna get chewed up. Wolfie is amazing.

He’s an incredible bass player, He’s an incredible drummer, He’s a great guitar player, great vocalist – he just recorded a record with our producer Elvis. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but he’s been working on it for a few years and I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.

But when I was hanging out with him, I think we purposely didn’t try to be like, ‘Hey, tell me the story about your dad…’ I tried to keep the Van Halen stuff out of it.”

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