Wolf Van Halen shared a photo of his concert venue in an Instagram post and made fun of the people who criticize him for not playing Van Halen with a clever joke.

Former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen is currently pursuing a solo career with his band Mammoth WVH. He showed the world his talents at a young age with his career in Van Halen but has now exceeded fans’ expectations with Mammoth WVH. Even though he works alone in the studio, he also has four bandmates with whom he performs live.

Wolfgang’s talents as a solo musician are undeniable, but Van Halen fans have expected something different from him since his father Eddie Van Halen’s passing. Moreover, his fans do not hesitate to tell him their opinions on what he should do to honor his father’s legacy. Wolf has reacted to most of these comments negatively and also explained what was wrong with Van Halen fans.

Some of Wolfgang’s fans say that he should play Van Halen songs in his shows, and some people criticize him for riding on Eddie’s coattails. Although he also wants to honor his father, these requests mostly annoy him because it’s not some stranger’s job to tell him how to do that. Therefore, the musician mostly makes fun of these comments while not refraining from breaking hearts.

In his recent post on Instagram, Wolfgang posted a second photo of his setlist that only read ‘Panama’ nine times. ‘Panama’ is one of the most loved Van Halen songs, and Wolfgang often gets asked to play it on stage. In the post’s caption, the musician stated that he was at Wrigley Field with Guns N’ Roses and that the fans should expect a special setlist for the concert that night.

Here is what he stated in the caption:

“Wrigley Field with GnR tonight! Y’all are gonna get a special set too! See you soon!”

Mammoth WVH is currently touring with Guns N’ Roses and is opening for them. Wolf prefers playing his own songs during those performances, but his fans don’t stop asking for Van Halen songs. Understandably, they miss listening to Van Halen’s music live on stage, but Wolfgang seems unwilling to do so. So, it seems he will just make fun of people until they eventually stop.

You can see the photo of the ‘setlist’ below.

Photo Credit: Wolf Van Halen – Instagram