Van Halen bass guitarist Wolfgang Van Halen slammed his haters who criticize his solo-album by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and showed how unnecessary human beings they are.

After the announcement of his solo album, Wolfgang met lots of haters who are trying to insult Wolf even without listening to it and exposed their lies while replying to their comments on social media.

This time, a fan of Wolf stated that he shouldn’t waste his time thinking about the negative comments from his haters because they are just useless people. Afterward, Wolfgang replied to this fan and agreed with him.

In the tweet, Wolfgang wrote that his haters never had been happier before in their lives without listening to Panama and that is why they are trying to pull everybody down to the level they are into.

A fan named Jose Martinez to Wolfgang:

“Hey, Wolf… Don’t waste your time thinking about the negative jerks. They’re all in there mom’s basement listening to Dance the Night Away thinking about the girl who got away in high school!”

Wolfgang Van Halen replied:

“Hah definitely. It’s like they lost their virginity listening to Panama at a drive-in movie theater and just never had a happier moment in their life than that.”

You can read the tweets below.