In an interview with Rolling Stone, Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang talked about the rumors related to a possible tour of Van Halen members, including the band’s iconic frontman David Lee Roth.

As you may recall, the rock music community has been mourning the death of Van Halen’s co-founder and renowned guitarist Eddie Van Halen. On October 6, 2020, his son Wolfgang gave the sad news of his father’s death with a statement he posted on social media platforms.

Ever since the devastating loss of the guitar legend, there have been various rumors about the projects to honor Eddie’s legacy. Van Halen fans on the other hand, desperately waiting for a special tribute performance from the band’s members, particularly from David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and his beloved son Wolfgang.

Recently, Wolf Van Halen joined a conversation with Rolling Stone magazine to answer the most wondered questions about his highly-anticipated solo album as well as his plans for the future of Van Halen’s music.

During the interview, Wolfgang was asked to reveal his opinions on the rumors about a possible Van Halen tour and whether he thought it was possible to convince David Lee Roth to participate in such a performance.

In his response, the young musician stated that he would have loved to see something like this happen, however, he added that there wasn’t a conversation about such a plan with Roth or anyone else. Wolf mentioned that this could only happen if they all are in the same room and someone suddenly suggests to do something like this.

Here’s what Wolf Van Halen stated about touring with David Lee Roth:

“I would have loved to see it happen. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the answer to that. I think at a certain point you would have just had to get everybody in a room and just be like, ‘Come on, how awesome would this be?'”

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