Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a video in which he played ‘Eruption’ on his Twitter after his fans asked him to perform some Van Halen tunes with his band Mammoth WVH.

Wolfgang Van Halen was the former bassist of his father’s band Van Halen. After the band’s disbandment following Eddie Van Halen‘s death, Wolfgang pursued a solo career. In 2020, he started a new band named Mammoth WVH and he recently released a self-titled debut solo album on June 11, 2021.

Apart from his musician persona, Wolfgang is also known for his sharp tongue and sarcastic remarks on social media. Considering most of his tweets, he seems to like messing around with his fans and relentlessly slamming internet trolls.

With his recent tweet, he picked on someone once again. After he tweeted several photos from Mammoth WVH’s shows at RocHaus, some of his fans asked him why he does not play VH tunes. A fan stressed that Wolfgang was in Van Halen for 14 years and that he should at least play ‘Eruption.’

Upon seeing this, Wolfgang quoted his tweet and posted a video of himself playing ‘Eruption.’ He then commented on his video, ironically saying that it would be funnier if he just recorded the bass line of the song which was only 4 notes.

As if that was not enough, Wolfgang added that he is going to play two Britney Spears songs just to piss that fan off. He also laughed at his fan’s remark saying ‘I can’t let it go,’ and described it as fucking hilarious.

The fan’s tweet was:

“Why can’t you at least play a couple of VH tunes?”

And then added:

“I can’t let it go. He was in Van Halen for 14 years. He should at least play ‘Eruption.'”

Wolfgang then replied to the comment with a video, saying:

“Okay, here. Now you can leave.

And went on to say:

“Ahh, it would’ve been way funnier if I just recorded the bass line to ‘Eruption’ which is literally 4 notes. Dang hindsight.”

He then continued:

“Hahahahahahah. ‘I can’t let it go. He must play ‘Eruption.” These folks are fucking hilarious.

I’m gonna play 2 Britney Spears songs just to piss this guy off.”

Below are the tweets posted by the fan and Wolfgang.