Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a number of tweets on his Twitter account after receiving numerous disapproving messages considering the name that he picked for his new band, Mammoth WVH.

As you may know, since the release of his highly-anticipated solo work, Wolfgang has been receiving a lot of negative comments about the name that he has chosen for his solo career. Recently, a fan highly upset Wolf by saying that he should have stuck with Van Halen as it is both impressive and he wouldn’t have to explain who Mammoth WVH is.

In his response tweet to the fan, Wolf argued that it would be misleading to use Van Halen in his solo career as people would expect him to continue the band’s work while that is not his plan. Also, he stressed that he is trying to carve his own path separate from Van Halen. However, it seems like he wanted to remember his roots as he picked the name Mammoth.

As you probably know, especially if you are a die-hard Van Halen fan, the band changed their name multiple times before deciding on Van Halen in 1974. The Van Halen brothers, Eddie and Alex, formed their band called The Broken Combs in 1964. Then, they changed their name to The Trojan Rubber Co, which they changed to Genesis in 1972, and then to Mammoth.

Even though Wolfgang did not want to follow his solo career under the Van Halen title, he still picked a name that was from within the family. In an interview, Wolfgang revealed that he felt very nervous asking his father for permission to use Mammoth as his artist name.

Eddie was thrilled when he found out that his son wanted to use Van Halen’s old name as a stage name for his new band. Thus, after his father’s passing, Wolf decided to release his tribute song ‘Distance‘ on November 16th under the name Mammoth WVH.

In his following tweet, Wolfgang also said that if you’re a die-hard Van Halen fan, then you know where Mammoth comes from and understand what it represents. However, he added that the general public isn’t really aware of the significance of the Mammoth name.

Consequently, the fact that people criticized Wolfgang for not carrying ‘the family legacy‘ and continuing their name in the music industry is not on point. Wolf seems to have decided to continue his father’s and family’s legacy by using their name, but a less known one.

Here’s what Wolf’s follower said:

“More unsolicited advice… You should’ve named your project ‘Wolfgang Van Halen.’ Besides sounding cool and incredibly impressive when you open for AC/DC, it would’ve eliminated the need to explain who Mammoth WVH is.”

To which Wolf responded:

“There’s no need to explain the name. It’s a fun homage. Also, I didn’t want my name to be the band. If you didn’t know, there is actually this awesome band that has my last name and I don’t want people to go in thinking they’re going to hear the continuation of that sound.”

He continued by saying:

“Once again people not understanding I’m trying to carve my own fuckin path here. Can’t please everyone I guess.”

Later, Wolf posted another tweet as a response to a fan who said that it is obvious where the name Mammoth comes from:

“If you’re a die-hard VH fan then yeah. It might be obvious to you. But y’all need to realize that the general public isn’t really aware of the significance of the Mammoth name.”

You can watch the interview and check out the tweets that Wolf posted on his Twitter account below.