Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang has replied to another negative comment that he got on Instagram’s DM and showcased it by writing his response via Instagram Stories once again.

If you are one of the followers of Wolfgang’s social media accounts, you might see that he has been in some serious arguments about his upcoming solo album and his attitude against the fans.

For the last two months, Van Halen and other metal music fans have continuously criticized Wolfgang for his attitude on social media. Time by time, haters got involved in the conversations, and they blamed Wolf for ‘acting like a douche and being childish.’

On the other hand, Wolfgang didn’t step back against the negative comments, and he bravely wrote lengthy responses to them to describe how he feels about the criticisms. Wolf also said that acting like a douche is the method he has been using for dealing with negative comments. Still, the fight between both sides is in progress in front of the social media followers of Wolf.

Today, Wolfgang has shared a new screenshot of the message in which an Instagram user talked about the controversial attitude of Wolf and criticized him for being a jerk. IG user also gave advice that ‘you should learn humility.’ See the full message:

“Dude, you get a lot of shit because you were born of celebrity status, and that’s not your fault, but your attitude sucks ass! Learn some humility, and you will go far. Not trying to be a jerk.”

On Instagram Stories, Wolf responded:

“So I get a lot of shit because of being born and the fact that I defend myself, so that means I deserve it? I’m supporting myself by making jokes and shit. It is not like I’m going around and saying ‘fuck you!’to anything who’s ever been mean to me lol.

If I were to do that, it would take a long-ass fuckin’ time. I’d instead just stick to making jokes. And my attitude that apparently ‘suck ass…'”

By the way, the negative comments are not the only thing Wolf is dealing with these days. He’s also trying to record his solo album to share it after the coronavirus epidemic.

We can also say that some positive supports fueled him for shaping his solo record. One of them was former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar; you can reach out that story from here.

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram