Wolfgang Van Halen, the bass player and youngest member of Van Halen, has explained the purpose of his latest reactions to the trolls who mess with him over the death of his father and legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.

As you might know, the talented bass guitarist and the son of Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang, has been dealing with the people who target him mercilessly and with nonsense claims on social media right after he was shattered by the most devastating event in his life, losing his father because of cancer.

Though Wolf has taken a break from Twitter and Instagram for a while now, he couldn’t keep silent any longer and began to play with the trolls who endlessly insult him, saying that Eddie was a real star and Wolf is a no one.

After Wolf said that he’s not going to stand by and let people publish lies and make his family’s tragedy someone else’s entertainment, he came up with another statement admitting that he’s actually not feeding the trolls, but thriving.

As a response to one of his fans, who asked Wolfgang to stop feeding the trolls, since it’s not worth it, and it will never end, Wolf Van Halen said he only enjoys himself in the process. He continued and requested his fans to enjoy the free comedy that these dipshits give them and stop telling him how to live his life for once.

Here’s what was said to Wolfgang about his latest tweets:

“Wolf, stopping feeding the Trolls. It’s not worth it, and it will never end.”

Wolf responded as:

“I’m not feeding the trolls, I’m thriving. You’re correct. It will never end, with or without my input.

So why not enjoy myself in the process? Can’t y’all just enjoy the free comedy that these dipshits give us and stop telling me how to live my life for once?”

You can see the tweets below.