During a recent conversation on RADIO.COM’s LIVE Check In, Wolfgang Van Halen talked about his band, Mammoth WVH, and gave details on how his father Eddie Van Halen would go to the band’s rehearsals and show his support for his son’s rock career.

As you may recall, October 6, 2020, was a sorrowful day for the rock world and the Van Halen family, as Eddie Van Halen passed away after battling cancer for more than five years. His death was hard on his friends and fans but even harder for his loving family. Wolf was highly affected by his dads passing and was quite vocal about the sorrow that he felt.

While Eddie was still battling cancer and his health status kept getting worse, Wolf started writing a song as a means of coping with his father’s illness. He wrote ‘Distance‘ while imagining how his life would change if his father passed away and tried to face his fears. After his father’s loss, Wolf released ‘Distance’ on November 16 as a tribute to his father.

The video clip of the song is as emotional as the lyrics as it includes numerous videos from the Van Halen family’s videotape archives in which Eddie is seen spending time with his family, teaching his son how to play guitar, and generally being a good father. ‘Distance’ ranked Number 1 on iTunes and in numerous categories on the Billboard charts.

This success raised some questions about Wolfgang’s plans considering his band which consists of Garrett Whitlock, Frank Sidoris, and Ronnie Ficarro. In his recent interview with RADIO.COM, Wolf said that the band clicked from the second that they started playing together and stated that all of his bandmates are really talented.

He recalled a precious memory from 2018, which was the year when Mammoth WVH first started rehearsing together. Wolf smilingly said that Eddie would come and watch them perform and listen to their music, which must have been very inspiring for Wolf as Eddie was not only his father but his rock-hero too.

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“You have a band, you’ve put together a band, it’s a pretty awesome band with friends of yours. Who’s in it?”

To which Wolfgang responded:

“My good friend Garrett Whitlock is playing drums, we played in TREMONTI together. Frank Sidoris. He plays with Slash and Myles Kennedy. And Ronnie Ficarro, who played with Falling in Reverse.

So, just three awesome dudes, amazing players. And we have been rehearsing as early as 2018, dad would come to the rehearsals and stuff. And yeah, it just fit the second we started playing together.”

You can listen to the entire interview via RADIO.COM below.