The official and verified YouTube channel of Wolfgang Van Halen’s band Mammoth WVH released a new video today and shared the latest single from the upcoming self-titled album of the band.

As you may already follow Wolf’s career, Mammoth WVH is the self-titled, debut album of the band which was created by Wolfgang Van Halen himself. The album features 14 new tracks and it’s now available for pre-order as a Double Vinyl, CD, Digital Download, and streaming. This collection includes the number one hit single, ‘Distance’ plus ‘You’re to Blame,’ ‘Don’t Back Down,’ ‘Epiphany,’ and more.

After releasing the lyric video of the 3rd single of the album named ‘Think It Over‘ earlier this month, Wolf released the fourth single of the self-titled album, ‘Feel.’ Right after sharing the video, he took his official Twitter account and celebrated his mother’s birthday.

Here is what Wolf wrote:

“Happy Birthday to the best mother I could ever ask for. Love you, Ma!”

You can check out the latest single of Mammoth WVH and the tweet below.