While his fans were excitedly waiting for the Young Guns tour, Wolfgang Van Halen gave them something to hold on to. He announced the release of Mammoth WVH’s music video for ‘Epiphany.’

After Van Halen’s disbandment, Wolf Van Halen returned to his solo career, which he had already been working on since 2015. He established the Mammoth WVH project to continue his rock and roll career in 2020. The band has only released their first album, ‘Mammoth WVH,’ in June 2021 and planned a tour to follow it up. The tour ‘Young Guns’ will begin on February 20 with the support of Dirty Honey.

Wolf Van Halen had released his single ‘Epiphany’ in 2021, and recently, right before the beginning of his tour, he released the music video of the single. The video is in black and white and seems like it’s the process of the band getting ready and rehearsing for the tour. On YouTube, the band captioned the video with the dates of the tours to inform the fans once again.

He announced the video’s release on his Twitter account and stated that the video was filmed across three shows while opening for Guns N’ Roses and two headliners. He also mentioned his excitement for the upcoming tour and exclaimed that he cannot wait to see the fans.

Here is the announcement:

“The video for the latest Mammoth WVH single, ‘Epiphany’ is available to watch on YouTube now! We filmed this across 3 shows (1 opening for GnR, and 2 headliners) last year on our very first tour. Hope you enjoy it, and can’t wait to see ya out there on the Young Guns tour!”

He continued to inform fans by tweeting:

“Head to MammothWVH.com to check the upcoming dates and see if we’re coming to a city near you! Be well, and see ya soon.

You can have a look at the tweets and watch the music video below.