Mammoth WVH founder and also the former bassist of VH, Wolfgang Van Halen, has posted a couple of new tweets on his verified Twitter page today and responded to the ongoing criticism he got about using ‘programmed drums.’

As you may already follow up, Mammoth WVH has released two singles named ‘Distance’ and ‘You’re To Blame’ from their self-titled album so far. The album will include 14 new songs on a CD, Digital Streaming, and double vinyl and will be released on June 11, 2021. Mammoth WVH is now available for pre-order and pre-save on many streaming platforms like Amazon Music and iTunes Store.

This week, the band released the lyric video of the second single of the album ‘You’re To Blame’ right after they’ve managed to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay List. However, after some fans have claimed that Wolf has used a drum machine instead of playing live, Wolf took his own social media account today and responded to those claims.

After expressing his feelings about the criticism on programmed drums, he has posted yet another tweet and reminded the fans that only two songs are out right now and people need to wait for the whole album to be released.

Here is what he said first:

“My favorite criticism of my music thus far has been ‘I’m not a fan of programmed drums’ which is hilarious to me because I literally tracked to fucking tape lol.

It’s fun when people’s opinions on why things are bad are literally just factually wrong.”

And here is the second tweet of Wolf:

“Only 2 songs are out, can y’all at least wait for the whole thing to shit on it?


You can check out these tweets of Wolf and ‘You’re To Blame’ right below.