Wolfgang Van Halen, the bass player and the youngest member of Van Halen, has answered the questions of his fans on Twitter, after he posted the picture of his drums, and disclosed a fact about his uncle, Alex Van Halen.

The talented multi-instrumentalist and one of the most active members of the band on social media, Wolfgang has been in touch with his fans for some time now, responding to the questions of them regarding his upcoming solo album and his family.

Lately, Wolf has taken Twitter to share a shot of his drums while admitting it’s been a while since he last played them. A fan of him, whose name is Jeff, has asked under this post if Wolfgang’s uncle and the drummer of Van Halen, Alex has taught him how to play them.

Wolfgang Van Halen has responded to this highly wondered question by saying his dad, Eddie Van Halen, has taught him ‘Highway To Hell’ first and he took it from there. Also, another fan, whose name is Cliff, asked a question related to Wolf’s musical skills.

The follower of him asked what does Wolfgang play the best. The great bassist has answered that he considers his best instrument as drums, as opposed to the popular belief that it is the bass guitar.

Here is what Wolfgang said by sharing the photo of his drums:

“It’s been a while.”

A fan of him, whose name is Jeff, asked:

“Did you learn from your uncle?”

Wolf answered as:

“Nope. Dad taught me ‘Highway To Hell’ and I took it from there.”

Another fan, whose name is Cliff, asked:

“What do you consider your best instrument?”

Wolf responded as:


You can see the tweets below.